Did you get your ‘level up’ badge…

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Disclaimer: Firstly this is written from self-perspective and, the experiences of those I know online and offline so may not fit everyone’s lived experiences. As always no offence is intended.

Misconceptions between heterosexual persons and LGBTQIA+ persons.

Let’s take it all right back to the start, as humans we are…

Why you are worth so much more

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By now most people have heard of the terms ‘narcissistic personalities’ as well as ‘gaslighting’ and it’s effect within relationships, we’ve come to understand the red flags to look out for, how to protect ourselves against it but no-one discusses these negative character traits and their detriment within the workforce.

And what should you do about them?

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As someone who has suffered chronically from ‘headaches and migraines for most of my life, I know how infuriating the title is. Especially when they have controlled so many people throughout their lives.

There is nothing worse than being invited to a special occasion, or having to sit a test…

I am Elyse Hocking

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