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By now most people have heard of the terms ‘narcissistic personalities’ as well as ‘gaslighting’ and it’s effect within relationships, we’ve come to understand the red flags to look out for, how to protect ourselves against it but no-one discusses these negative character traits and their detriment within the workforce.

You see the workforce is a whole other ball game, with policies and regulations and hierarchy — so much so, you would never think to protect yourself from narcissists and gas lighters and that therein lies the hidden dangers of workplace abuse.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a classic form of emotional abuse…

Why this age-old saying can’t be further from the truth.

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I was recently asked this question but didn’t respond because although it was a seemingly simple question, my opinion of addiction (not myself but many family members) differs from the standard man or woman. I figured it would be best suited to a more in-depth response

The question:

If someone was previously an ‘alcoholic’ and they still drink alcohol then they surely should still be termed an alcoholic?

Let’s start by looking at what the term ‘alcoholic’ means. It is described as someone who is physically and mentally dependant on alcohol to get through their normal life. An alcoholic may…

To take back control of your own life.

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Intentional living is a way of describing the removal of an auto-pilot mentality and taking back ownership of your own actions and lifestyle.

We’ve all heard it said many times before that the modern-day lifestyle is fast and hard, well, intentional living makes each day well, intentional rather than habitual.

As we become connected and automated we lose our connection to the real world. Automation has its benefits, it allows us to complete tasks are far better accuracy than before with far more being achieved. …

A Carrie Johnstone Drama

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Progressive equality and feminism are hot topics in society, more so than ever before. The need to shout out loud for change has become prevalent — especially across social media. Likewise the rates of suicide and mental health has also risen.

Feminism used to be about fighting for equality. Where men held more rights and power than women, we fought back and created positive change especially in political reform, legislation and overall living standards for women.

These days we still have inequalities on both sides, it will be something that is always there as the see-saw swings backwards and forwards…

And what should you do about them?

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As someone who has suffered chronically from ‘headaches and migraines for most of my life, I know how infuriating the title is. Especially when they have controlled so many people throughout their lives.

There is nothing worse than being invited to a special occasion, or having to sit a test or do something really of any importance only to have to chart to see if it falls into your headache and migraine zone, or waking up with skull-crushing pain and having to cancel. I get it. Headaches are life-controlling.

So why aren’t they the problem?

Let’s start with what a…

Is this hill getting steeper or am I just dreaming?

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Disclaimer: This article will discuss diets, calories, weight loss, body measurements, and the struggles and positives around these topics. If you feel this may trigger you, please do not read on. Sending you love.

Following on from my two days ago I’m currently in the very early midst of improving my wellness by getting myself back into a healthy BMI. Sure, I understand that many believe that the ‘BMI’ concept is a fallacy however, I personally feel my health improves when I am lighter.

So, how did I become ‘overweight’.

The brutal and honest truth from a cheesecake addict

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Disclaimer: This article will discuss diets, calories, weight loss, body measurements, and the struggles and positives around these topics. If you feel this may trigger you, please do not read on. Sending you love.

Following on from my announcement yesterday [read the article here] that I would be starting my diet *ahem* wellness journey today, I can guarantee that I did in fact start and well, it’s been a mood that’s for sure.

Well here goes…

I had no specific diet in mind. I only know that that I had to…

Taking ownership, let’s hope I rise and don’t fall flat on my face

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I never thought I’d be the person writing about dieting and, or weight loss. Not here and certainly not today but, if not now I know I never will. So, here I am, Elyse aged thirty-seven writing to you right at the start of my wellness and weight loss journey and that excites me and terrifies me.


I grew up in a household with a mum who was fat-phobic. Growing up in the forties and fifties, body image was paramount to being successful at gaining a good career and husband. Net curtains would twitch and people would talk if…

Anal bleeding, yes, it’s a thing.

2021 marks the two years since our ectopic pregnancy loss it was one of the most challenging situations we’ve both had to face as both physically and emotionally. Things like this can either make or break a relationship, for us it made us so much stronger as we bonded through our pain.

Two years on I finally decided to discuss ectopic pregnancy, loss and how it actually feels from a very real point of view as there’s so much that a medical journal or textbook just doesn’t explain or cover.

In 2016, the NHS believed I was ‘’too young’’ for…

And why it’s one of the hardest things you will do

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Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

The things you personally hold on to keep ‘you’ in the past. That’s right, I said what I said. While others hold onto their own things, the things that keep you stagnated are only holding you back and that’s simply unfair to your future self.

Why do we commonly hold on rather than letting go?

People hold on to a range of things — sometimes physical items like a piece of jewellery, clothing that no longer fits, an old…

I am Elyse Hocking

Blogger | Scottish life and personal opinion *All views my own* You can also find me at: https://www.sweetelyseblog.com & https://www.iamelysehocking.com

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