And why it’s one of the hardest things you will do

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The things you personally hold on to keep ‘you’ in the past. That’s right, I said what I said. While others hold onto their own things, the things that keep you stagnated are only holding you back and that’s simply unfair to your future self.

Why do we commonly hold on rather than letting go?

People hold on to a range of things — sometimes physical items like a piece of jewellery, clothing that no longer fits, an old…

And why you need to realize this.

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Relationships are hard. Friendships are hard. Life, in general, can be hard.

As adults, we learn to navigate our way through the issues that come with relationships and life in general through our interactions as youths and young adults. As children, we are still in the learning phase of socializing with others so things like sharing, being caring, taking ownership, compromising, and saying sorry can be difficult lessons to learn. It’s these hard lessons that make or break young relationships with many failing due to a lack of trust, communication, or just simply drifting apart.

Is this a toxic relationship?

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Between the four nations (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) there are around 66 million people (, 2020) and 5 million businesses. 56.29 million of those people reside in England, 5.454 million in Scotland, 3.15 in Wales, and 1.89 in Northern Ireland.

Let’s just imagine that each country is a person. England is a large and bolshy gentleman who thrives on historical power (possibly comes from a wealthy family, let’s imagine). Wales is a quiet woman who just wants to keep herself to herself. …


Break free — but don’t go backward

Understanding narcissism and the inner workings of this character trait is becoming prevalent these days. It used to be that these traits were viewed as ‘normal’. In relationships, it was simply the man doing what a man does — ensuring his masculinity was intact. In ladies, narcissism was viewed more so as someone who prepped and preened at themselves more than the average woman.

No one really considers the family element to narcissism. Again the traditionalist view expected children to be seen and not heard and that the parents' opinion was final. …

The first post is always a little awkward, isn’t it?

You just never know how to approach the first article much in the same way that you would with a superb new notebook. You know those notebooks that you have planned to only write in your ‘nice handwriting’ or to use clean lines and schmancy pens in. But a few months in it contains a few lists, some squiggles and ripped page corners.

Well, this post is that, for me at least.

Do I introduce myself, do I cover my aims and plans or do I go into the weirdest and most obtuse ramble because, in fairness, that is what…

I am Elyse Hocking

Blogger | Scottish life and personal opinion *All views my own* You can also find me at: &

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